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At Recoil Limited we supply coil and toroid winding to a wide variety of industries who call for special purpose components, industries such as automotive, aerospace, military, medical, oil, gas, lasers and directional drilling. Supplying coil winding components to such a diverse group often requires us to produce custom build coils, with 50 years experience as coil winding experts to draw on, we are entirely capable of meeting these requirements.

Our highly skilled coil winders, range of CNC and manual coil winding machinery allows us to cover a vast range of winding procedures. We can produce rotating components which include magslips, synchro’s, gyro’s and other specialised electric motors such as torque motors, electric motors for Aerospace and customer specific electric motors.

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Custom Coil Winding & Transformers

In addition to custom coil winding components, we also produce a range of transformers, including power transformers for lasers, high voltage transformers, both air and oil cooled transformers. We also wind custom build transformers to customer specification. Where neccessary our experienced coil winders are able to produce perfect layer coils, this style of coil winding employs the orthocyclic winding method. Using this method has allowed us to cure many of our customers problems. By reducing the size of certain coils, we have been able to produce transformers which eliminate burn out problems in high voltage situations due to the build of the orthocyclic coil.

The combination of our long coil winding experience, our highly skilled coil winders and comprehensive range of coil winding machinery guarantee’s you the highest level of service from a coil winding company committed to quality.

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