In the orthocyclic coil it has been possible to attain the theoretical maximum space factor, this means either extra turns available or a greatly reduced coil size. In addition, as each turn within the the orthocyclic coil lies in a set place, the voltage difference between any pair of turns can be calculated (generally the voltage between the first turn of one layer and the last turn of the next) and determined whether this is too high for the wire covering in advance.

A further advantage of perfect layer winding is heat conduction. Generally scramble wound coils due to their poor heat conduction will be hotter nearer the centre, with detrimental effects upon wire insulation. It has been shown that no perceptible difference occurs between the inside and ouside of an orthocyclically wound coil. As mentioned there are certain circumstances where orthocyclic winding is not possible, paper interleaving for example, where this is the case we can perform these winding tasks also.